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Experienced Murfreesboro Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Protecting Your Rights Against Sexual Harassment

Facing sexual harassment at work is an unacceptable burden. Don’t suffer in silence; our Murfreesboro sexual harassment attorneys at HMC Civil Rights are here to aggressively pursue justice for you. With extensive experience in Title IX cases and employment law matters, we ensure your complaints are heard.

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Types Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can take various forms, including quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo involves requests for sexual favors in exchange for job benefits, while hostile work environments have pervasive unwanted sexual conduct.

The law defines sexual harassment as:

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
  • Presence of demeaning or sexual photographs
  • Sexual jokes or threats

In Tennessee, any unequal treatment based on gender resulting from harassment qualifies as sexual harassment. The consequences can be damaging, affecting your performance and even leading to wrongful termination.

How To File A Sexual Harassment Claim

If you’re facing sexual harassment, don’t hesitate to take action. Start by filing a claim with the EEOC and, if needed, pursue legal action against your employer. Successful claims can lead to compensation for lost wages, benefits, reinstatement, and punitive damages in severe cases.

Protect your rights with confident representation. Reach out to HMC Civil Rights online or call (615) 724-1996 today. Our skilled sexual harassment attorneys in Murfreesboro are ready to fight for you.


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