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Trial-Tested Defenders of Employee Rights

Heather M. Collins works tirelessly to defend workers from mistreatment, harassment, and discrimination.

We founded our firm out of profound loyalty to the law and a deep desire to provide a voice to the voiceless throughout Nashville, Columbia, Franklin, Murfreesboro, and the rest of Tennessee.

We are dedicated to revealing truths, supporting those who have been wronged, and fighting for better, friendlier work environments.

Nearly 95% of all workplace discrimination cases get resolved outside of the courtroom. We are innovative collaborators who are experienced in dispute resolution.

This often results in high-value settlements for our clients. However, if one party is being uncooperative or a settlement is not in the best interests of our client, we will take a case to trial.

Our team has taken cases to this stage before and we have the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to argue a claim before a judge and jury.

Ready to Fight When We Have To

Many employment lawyers will suggest mediation or settlement with the other party.

This is not always because it’s in the client’s best interests but because these attorneys do not have the skills needed to argue the case in court.

Workplace discrimination is a serious matter, and you need a dedicated and capable employment attorney on your side who has experience with mediation, negotiation, and trial.

It’s important that people who violate workers’ rights are held accountable for their actions and made to feel the consequences.

If it happened to you, it can happen to others. By taking legal action, you can create a better work environment for you, your coworkers, and all those that come after.

Primary Areas of Practice

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Title IX & Sexual Assault
  • Wrongful Termination

About Heather M. Collins

The attorneys at Heather M. Collins have dedicated their careers and their practices to fighting for workers’ rights in Tennessee.

Located just outside of Nashville, we are well-situated to serve the rights of employees throughout the state of Tennessee. We focus our practice exclusively on the representation of employees who have experienced harassment, retaliation, or discrimination in the workplace.

Whether your case is related to your race, sex, disability, medical leave, nationality, or age, we will stand up for you.

Why Hire Us?

  • We Don’t Let Up When Fighting for Clients
  • Over 45 Years’ Combined Legal Experience
  • Impressive Record in State & Federal Courts
  • Skilled Trial Attorney & Certified Mediator Available
  • Well-Versed & Focused Solely in Employment Law

Our Team

  • Heather M. Collins Partner
  • Ashley Walter Attorney
  • Caroline Drinnon Attorney
  • Erica Runnels Paralegal/Office Manager
  • Shanisha Cooper Paralegal

Feedback from Our Clients

  • You truly have changed my life forever and my daughter’s life… and for that we will forever be so grateful.– Former Client
  • “From the moment I spoke with Anne about my matter, I knew I was in good hands. She was extremely responsive to my specific needs and worked hard to give me the best outcome possible. Anne and her team …” – Former Client
  • “The team at Heather M. Collins was dedicated and professional. I am grateful to have this firm represent me.” – April
  • “Ms. Anne & Ms. Heather are rockstars who represented me in a very complex & multi-dimensional case… Ms. Anne spent a lot of time getting to know & understand the intricacies of my case while Ms. …” – Monica
  • “Every individual I dealt with at HMC was highly attentive, efficient and offered me expert advice in the [time frame] I needed.” – Ashley

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