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Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 created protections for women and men from sex-based discrimination in education. This includes protections for students and employees in matters pertaining to sexual harassment and sexual assault. By law, schools are required to investigate any claims of sexual harassment or assault that allegedly took place on campus.

If you work at a school and have been affected by sexual misconduct, contact our experienced Title IX attorneys in Nashville today. The school administration is required to investigate any Title IX complaints. However, their inquiries may fall short of what is needed. Our team has the skills and experience needed to help you bring the truth to light.

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Is Your School Upholding its Responsibility?

Under Title IX, schools must promptly investigate all claims of sexual assault and harassment. Following this investigation, they must also take steps to remove the hostile environment and remedy the situation. Your school must have procedures in place where you can report instances of sexual assault or discrimination. This should also include access to counseling and health services.

You should contact an attorney right away if any of the following are true:

  • Your school fails to investigate a claim
  • You feel that the Title IX investigation was not handled with due diligence
  • You believe you were terminated from your position in retaliation

HMC Civil Rights represents both students and teachers who file claims against their school for mishandling sexual assault allegations and other Title IX violations.

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Keeping the Fight Going in Your Title IX Claim

Our Title IX attorneys in Nashville have earned a strong reputation for their trial prowess. Unlike many employment law firms, our team is highly experienced in trial litigation. We will take your Title IX lawsuit as far as it needs to go to achieve the results you deserve.

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