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Protecting Your Civil Rights

Civil rights discrimination can be an unsettling topic, but it’s essential to understand the laws protecting civil rights. Discrimination occurs when people are mistreated based on gender, race, nationality, or other characteristics unrelated to their job performance or qualifications. This can take form in many ways, ranging from housing to employment.

Generally speaking, if someone experiences disparate treatment due to a civil right, they might have a civil right case that should be brought forward.

Depending on the situation and the jurisdiction, filing civil rights claims may require help from a civil rights lawyer; however, legal aid and other potential resources can sometimes be accessed even if an individual doesn’t have the financial resources to obtain counsel.

Understanding civil rights laws is critical in ensuring civil rights are protected, and if a case arises, seeking help from a qualified attorney is advisable. Let us help you with your Civil Rights discrimination case. Call our experienced lawyers today at (615) 724-1996

Examples of Civil Rights Discrimination:

  • Civil rights discrimination could involve the denial of employment opportunities based on gender, race, religion, or economic status
  • Civil rights discrimination also includes other civil liberties violations such as police brutality, unequal access to housing and education, and unfair wages.
  • Employment discrimination based on race, disability status, gender identity, or national origin
  • Unequal access to education or healthcare
  • Violence motivated by hate and bigotry
  • Lack of voting rights
  • Unequal access to housing options

These issues are pervasive in our society and have a long history of adversely affecting minority communities – often discriminated against by those in authority, making it difficult to obtain justice. Sadly, civil rights discrimination still exists despite civil rights laws established decades ago to protect people from these injustices.

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