The Sixth Circuit upholds a jury verdict obtained by Heather M. Collins in ADA case

Sometimes we are the last to brag about our achievements... Find out more here!
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Sometimes we are the last to brag about our achievements, so we are a little late here. In early October, we made the long trip to Cincinnati to the Sixth Circuit. Not even two weeks after the oral argument, the Sixth Circuit upheld the jury verdict we obtained on behalf of one of our favorite clients, Tony Gunter, in his ADA discrimination case. (Link to Gunter Opinion)

Of course, when you win at trial, companies don’t like it, so they appealed. We cross-appealed on a damages issue. The Sixth Circuit upheld the jury verdict on liability and most of the damages but remanded the case for further rulings on front pay. All in all, this was a great opinion for all employees who will have to litigate these issues in the Sixth Circuit and a big win (again) for Mr. Gunter.

I want to take an extra paragraph to thank Adam Hansen at Apollo Law. Adam is quickly becoming a well-known and well-respected appellate lawyer. We hired Adam to see Mr. Gunter’s appeal through to the end. We put every ounce of our hard work, energy, and passion into Mr. Gunter’s trial, and we just felt it was best in this instance to bring out a heavy hitter for the appeal.

While I have handled several arguments at the Sixth Circuit, sometimes the smartest thing you can do for a client is to know when to bring in help. Here, it paid off. Many kudos, Adam and THANK YOU!

We are Tennessee Employment lawyers and will fight the good fight- “through careful advocacy.” Seriously, the “careful advocacy” does not come by good luck; it is because this is all we do. We know employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation law. It is all we do. It is all we focus on. Don’t think for a minute that a firm that gloriously advertises 8 practice areas can do the same.


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