A Rarity or Not?

Was the Sixth Circuit's decision to reverse a trial judge's dismissal of an ADA case a rarity, or is this something they do regularly - even when it comes to smoking gun evidence that the district court ignored? Find out here!
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On December 3, 2019, the Sixth Circuit issued an opinion in an ADA case (Morrissey v. Laurel Healthcare) where it reversed a district judge’s decision to dismiss a case on summary judgment (in other words, the trial judge got it wrong when it attempted to deny a plaintiff their day in court), last week – same thing- Sixth Circuit reversed an attempt by a trial judge to dismiss an ADA case (Babb v. Maryville Anesthesiologists). In Babb, the Sixth even found that there was “smoking gun” evidence that the trial judge ignored.

What does all this mean? First- this is what we see every day, district court judges that are sometimes too quick to dismiss employment civil rights cases. Second- this is why we at Heather M. Collins focus on our practice area. We keep up with new developments in Sixth Circuit jurisprudence in real-time and it helps us know what cases to cite, how to develop case strategy around the most recent case law, and ultimately our clients’ benefit. This is what sets us apart.

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